2nd Ferrari world : Paju, Korea


20 Mai 2013
Un deuxième ferrari world ouvrira dans les prochaines années à Paju en corée d'après TPR :

Funding does not seem to negate the possibility of progress even raised the game "Ferrari World in Paju 'project which was promised from the Middle East, investors Given the initial capital investment in some projects laid the groundwork for resumption.

Paju investment business team official "Ferrari World in Paju investors in the Middle East for the construction of a special purpose company (SPC) of the nominal capital of $ 2,000,000 transfer to the domestic banks," he said on the 25th. Investors in the Middle East based company, Al Ahli Group (AAG) is AAG the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the trading and distribution business, including shopping centers and 15 affiliates are geoneurigo.

Ferrari World in Paju pajueup 3,720,000 ㎡ one luxury car maker on the grounds of 'Ferrari' car entered into a licensing agreement with theme parks and cultural facilities, commercial and residential development is to build a compound. Sponsor of Business Gateway Investments in capital of 50 billion won for the project, the company projects (PFV) is '㈜ Paju Eurasian Development' is promoting the establishment.

Business from overseas investors, according to organizers 30 billion won (overall 60%) and △ local government procurement government-funded institutions, including 2.5 billion won (5%) △ construction investors 5,000,000,000 won (10%) △ funds, banks, securities firms, financial investors 2.5 billion won (5%) △ strategic investors such as Ferrari World operators 10 billion won (20%) of plans to raise 50 billion won in capital.

Total project cost of 1.6162 trillion won in capital (500 million) and the debt is provided through. Foreign subsidiaries of foreign capital and domestic drag PF (PF) and procure a total of 653.8 billion won and 912.4 billion won, including facilities for the sale and the sale caters income. Last October, security administration, received approval from the business plan to start construction in February next year, in August 2016 and is aiming to open.

Just 1.6 trillion won feasibility of the project and the largest theme park your car financing figured out whether early blow to predict business success is the sinjungron quite a few. The goal of PFV as% of capital projects so weak that nothing more than 3% is worrisome part.

That is, holding the Paju official permission "to smooth the progress of projects of capital, the amount, raising the level of 20-30% stable or progress, or at the very least, after the capital, laid out in a way to secure additional investors to kkuryeoga of whether or not desirable to worry, "he said.

That the business' surrounding areas, including donor support USFK special law in accordance with providers for more than two thirds of the site is not secure and may apply even if the urban development projects. Due to the U.S. military presence in Korea to encourage the development of underdeveloped areas is a sort of incentive.

Business officials "the acceptance of land after project approval to proceed because it can reduce the burden of the initial capital" and "theme park operators in the Middle East, including the participation of foreign investors with the know-how to the business case is high," he explained.

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25 Mai 2010
4 120
Et moi croyait que celui des Emirates ne marchait pas... Pour en construire un deuxième c'est que ça doit pas mal fonctionner finalement  :mrgreen:

Après, je sais pas si c'est vraiment une super nouvelle, car quand je vois celui de Abu Dhabi, apars Formula Rossa et la tour, est ce que les simulateur valent vraiment le coup?