[Coney Island] Cyclone - Retracking 2013


30 Octobre 2006
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Je viens de lire cette news sur ThemeParkReview. Apparemment, le fameux Cyclone de Coney Island aurait besoin d'un bon retracking, et les autorités auraient contacté GCI pour cette tâche.

Central Amusement International (CAI) – the subsidiary of Italian ride manufacturer Zamperla overseeing the revitalization of the Coney Island amusement scene – has now set its sights on the mighty Cyclone wooden roller coaster.
CAI officials acknowledged that the Cyclone is in need of repairs. They did their research and settled on one company they felt has the competence and passion to invigorate the ailing ride, Pennsylvania-based Great Coasters International, Inc.

Amusement Today spoke with Valerio Ferrari, president of CAI, about the work taking place on the grand old ride and why GCII was selected for the project. “We are very excited for the improvements that have been and will be made to The Cyclone. This ride is rich in history, and being able to preserve it for future generations to enjoy is something that CAI is very proud to be part of,” said Ferrari. “CAI chose GCII to renovate the Cyclone mainly for two reasons. First and most importantly, they are an industry leader with a proven track record on renovating existing coasters while maintaining each coasters’ ‘identity’. Second, they demonstrated a very strong desire to put their thumbprint on such a prestigious and iconic ride.

“GCII surveyed the Cyclone’s track and proposed that by making small adjustments to its profile, we will be able to create a more enjoyable riding experience for our guests. Since this is both financial and labor intensive, CAI concluded that breaking the project into phases will allow us to keep the Cyclone open during our operating season and stay within budget constraints,” continued Ferrari. “The Cyclone’s track replacement is expected to be completed within four to five years. As part of the final phase, we are looking into either refurbishing or replacing the Cyclone’s trains. Plans are not final, however, our vision is to keep the trains similar to the original design. When we are finished, the track and other ride systems will be state-of-the-art and will also meet current ride standards.”

If all goes as planned and the weather cooperates, CAI officials feel the Cyclone will be ready to open on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012.

J'avais lu certains avis selon lesquels ce coaster était bon mais en même temps assez violent, donc ce retracking pourrait être une bonne chose afin d'adoucir un peu ce vieux ride (en ésperant que GCI fasse du bon boulot).
Ils prevoient donc un Retracking sur 4 à 5 ans ce qui permettra de laisser Cyclone ouvert durant la saison.

Aprés ils envisagent de remplacer les trains...

Des videos que j'ai vu, ce ride a l'air violent et bien tasse vertebres. Verdict dans moins de 4 mois, j'ai deja mal  :-D

Mais le retracking fais part GCI sera une bonne chose je pense s'il change completement tout le ride ! pareceque sur Thundercoaster à Tusenfryd, le retracking n'a pas rendu le ride plus agréable, alors peut-etre cela venait des trains mais il n'y avait pas moins de vibrations ou plus de confort, mais plus de bruit de chariole dans la partie retrackée...
Le retracking par GCI est finit je crois:



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Les 1er tests de Cyclone ont été fait

The Cyclone Roller Coaster's first test run with the new track. Wish her luck