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26 Mai 2005
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Hier apres midi, Premier Rides a revele que c'etait eux, les responsables du nouveau "Dragon Fire" qui ouvrira en 2017 a Doha, au Qatar.

Adventure Island sera le nom de la zone parc d'attraction du nouveau centre commercial Doha Oasis Mall. La partie parc d'attraction sera indoor et fera 7 acres de superficie, similaire au Mall Of America des USA.

Dragon Fire sera si on veut un Revenge of the Mummy nouvelle generation. Partie dark ride et plusieurs launches dont un au debut qui sera backward sur une montee verticale qui tournera sur elle meme! Le train passera dans un tunnel sur le toit avant de replonger en bas. Il y aura des tables de transfert pour changer la direction du train. En gros, un truc incroyable!

Ce up de malade, mais ça devient enfin concret !


Premier Rides a dit:
An immersive dark-ride experience, a dramatic reverse magnetic launch through the roof of the building soaring to a height of nearly 60m, followed by a thrilling coaster experience is ready to become reality in Qatar’s capital city Doha as US-based roller coaster design and manufacturing firm Premier Rides’ first shipment of US fabricated steel roller coaster track for their newest one-of-a-kind signature magnetic launch coaster is shipping to Qatar.

Premier Rides has partnered with Qatar’s leading developer, Halul Real Estate Investment Company, to develop a cutting-edge product with an unforgettable experience for riders. The attraction will be part of Doha Oasis, a stunning mixed use development that offers a high end residential opportunity, a retail complex, an exclusive 7-star high-rise hotel tower and a world-class indoor theme park. With the engineering and fabrication processes for the ride now complete, both companies are delighted that the exporting process has officially begun. Premier estimates a total of approximately 100 shipments will be made over the next two months.

Jim Seay, President of Premier Rides commented, “We are extremely honored to be part of Halul Real Estate Investment Company’s vision for a world class development featuring a stunning, iconic 60m tall, fully-enclosed roller coaster tower that will allow riders a spectacular view of the city while remaining in a controlled climate setting. I am thrilled to see the first of many shipments of US steel ready to ship to what will certainly be the most amazing real estate development in Qatar.”

Seay continued, “Halul’s project will be a showcase in the run up to the 2022 World Cup and demonstrates their commitment to provide an unparalleled guest experience that is second to none.”

The attraction, with its closely-guarded, highly secret theme, will be the tallest and largest thrill ride in Qatar, and one of the tallest in all of the Middle East. It is a custom special-effects ride that combines an immersive dark ride, magnetic drive technology, high-speed switches and a highly dynamic ride experience into a multi-sensory thrill ride unlike any other attraction built to date.

“The entertainment component of the complex will be first-class,” stated Hasan Abu Rub, Project Director for Halul Real Estate Investment Company. “We wanted a signature ride that would have a global impact and we are pleased to partner with Premier Rides. Premier’s innovation and quality is evident in their work with other clients such as Revenge of the Mummy™ for Universal Studios. Together we will create for our valued visitors a one-of-a-kind world class attraction.”




Le layout du Premier Rides est un clone de Deep Space d'Adlabs Imagica avec la flèche en arrière en plus. :wink:
Big Up  :mdr:



Le Vertical Twist Spike est caché dans une de ces tours :

(L'autre tour c'est une free fall dedans)



Enfin bref, c'est une copie de Deep Space à Adlabs Imagica (Inde), plus le Vertical Twist Spike (et donc un Backward launch)

Ouverture "prévue" pour cette année.

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[JULIΣN] a dit:
La flèche est dans une des deux tour, OK. Mais le reste du layout ??  :mdr:

Tout ce qui est au milieu est un toit. :wink:

Ce qui m'intrigue ici (outre le fait que le projet soit sur les rails depuis 2014...) c'est que le coaster ne pourra pas avoir des launchs de plus en plus puissants comme à l'habitude... Car il lui faudra plus de vitesse sur la flèche que sur le reste du parcours. :?
Doha Oasis Quest, et on espère Dragonfire, ouvrira à la fin de l'année 2021. Avec en plus du Launch Coaster Premier Rides :

  • Fly with Flap, un Cloud Coaster de chez Extreme Engineering
  • Oryx Express, un Junior Coaster 207m Vekoma
  • Un Spinning Coaster SBF