Record de nudistes sur un coaster


4 Octobre 2006
Adventure Island, in association with Southend Hospital's Bosom Pals Charity Appeal, are planning an attempt to break the world record for the most naked people on a roller coaster!

The record is currently held by Nemesis, and stands at 32 people. Green Scream at Adventure Island can carry 40 riders - so there is enough space to break the record and with 33 people or more we can do it!

The 'Bosom Pals' appeal is trying to raise £750,000 to bring state of the art imaging and diagnostic equipment to the Hospital's breast care unit. In addition to providing two digital mammography machines, the appeal will also fund the latest x-ray and biopsy equipment, enhancements to scanning machines and an improved environment for patients. Charity Number 1057266.
For further details -

We will be asking everyone taking part to raise sponsorship for Bosom Pals Appeal.

The attempt will be on Sunday, 8th August 2010 at 9:30am.
Adventure Island will be closed to the public at this time and only the minimum staff required for the ride to run smoothly will be in attendance, however we will of course be inviting the media - so you must be prepared to have your picture taken and be filmed. These are stipulations of Guinness World Records to verify the record has been successfully broken.
All participants must be over 18 years of age.
We will be providing a changing area at Adventure Island, and we will provide ponchos to wear between the changing area and the ride!

Contact Tracy Jones to find out more and register your name.
01702 390348 / 07887 514984 / [email protected]
Adventure Island
Western Esplanade
Southend on Sea
Essex SS1 1EE

Voilà, tout est dit, si ça en branche certains, contacter Adventure Island. Le record de 32 nudistes sur Nemesis est à battre !


C'est craaaade!!!!!!  :-o
Ils ont intéret à bien nétoyer le train après  :rire:
Bon maintenant si il ya a des nudistes ici ils font ce qu'ils veulent après tout =S


15 Avril 2005
3 744
Oh les commentaires à la con. C'est avant qu'il faut le nettoyer le coaster, pas aprés. Comment pouvez vous dire des trucs pareils.
Les protections sont la justement pour éviter les infections dues aux petits cons crades mais habillés qui changent de short toutes les semaines et ont posés leur cul vétu n'importe ou.
Bref devant de tels posts j'ai des doutes sur l'hygiène de ceux qui les écrivent....


Autant pour moi...C'est ce qui s'appelle "casser" dans les rêgles de l'art  :oops: