[TikiBad] Fly Over - le Toboggan 100% Aquatique

En quête d’anecdote plus ou moins croustillante à sortir dans un repas de famille...
Je suis tombé sur cette vidéo :


Fly Over se situait au TikiBad de Duinrell,
La seule info que j'ai, c'est qu'il fallait avoir au minimum 14 ans et rester 18 secondes en apnée !

Quelqu'un a déjà essayé ce Fly Over ? Je serais curieux d'entendre son expérience on-slide  :?

On en avait déjà parlé dans un ancien topic il me semble ?  :?

En tout cas je ne trouve pas ça super intelligent comme toboggan, un accident/incident peut très vite arriver, niveau sécu c’est pas top  :-(
ValravnForce a dit:
On en avait déjà parlé dans un ancien topic il me semble ?  :?

Yep, je l'avais déjà évoqué, par exemple :

KingRCT3 a dit:
Je me cite en début de topic (soit 95 pages en avant...!) :

KingRCT3 a dit:
(J'avais entendu parler d'un toboggan complètement inondé, mais bon, c'est pas un coaster  :-P)

J'ai trouvé une vidéo !

Fly Over in Tikibad, Duinrell

J'avais fait un post sur 9GAG (qui a récolté plus de 15 000 likes) et des personnes sont venues raconter :

This was a slide in the Tikibad in amusementpark Duinrel, Netherlands. You would be pulled through a completely submerged tube from one side to the other in about 15 seconds. Instructors would test if participants were fit to use the slide and teach them how to use it. Whenever someone got stuck the system could be drained in seconds, but this safety measure was often triggered on purpose once people figured out how it worked. By 2006 the slide was closed most of the time, I've only seen people use it once in my life. By 2012 the slide was officially closed and sat unused until a year or two ago when it was removed.

the slide was called the Fly-over, back then worlds first underwater slide in amusement park Duinrell.
You had to hold your breath for about 18seconds, and if for some reason someone got stuck in there, it took 8seconds to completely drain the tube.

It was actually great fun back then.

I used it once, about 15 years ago. It was closed often because after a safety shutdown the motor had to cool down at least half an hour. And it was only allowed to restart a few times per day. This made it useless as a high volume attraction.

I've been in such a slide in Duinrell, the Nederlands in the 90's after 2 days of raving.Yes I was high as fuck and I somehow decided to go in feet 1st. I remember there was a bar above the opening, just like any nornal slide. So at first it seemed logical. Since I couldn't kick my feet, I realised after a short while that this would take forever and fear kicked in. Imagine me waving my hands above my belly to speed it up. I guess it took me about a minute to get thru.

I,ve later been told there is no pump used to empty it. There is some kind of "trap" floor when it opens all water is drained in a couple of seconds.

I guess I got thru in time?

I rode this one when i was 15 I think, which is 16 years ago.
There was a lifeguard at the entrance, you needed to prove you could hold your breath for 50 sec before you where allowed to ride. And then you would be out of breath from the test but ride it anyway!
It could indeed be drained in 8 sec, the knobs on the outside of the tube track the person inside, and when they stop moving for X sec. it would drain.
It got closed down because people realized this and would cause the slide to drain on purpose. Then it would have to be refilled again. This happened multiple times per day and cost a huge amount of electricity to maintain. So it got too expensive.

I'll never forget the experience though, pretty amazing and scary.